Kai Professional Series Scissors – Why Purchase Them?

Kai┬áProfessional Series Scissors – Why Purchase Them?

Simply because they are the best scissors and shears available in the marketplace today. The KAI 7000 Professional Series High-Carbon Stainless Steel Shears have an extra-long edge life and superior cutting efficiency. Designed and made in Japan for commercial heavy-duty use, these lightweight (no outdated, heavy, cast iron handles!) tailoring-style shears are ideal for clothing construction and perfect pattern cutting. Excellent on all types of fabrics including: silks, canvas, Dacron and composite sail cloth, cottons, denim, fleece, acrylics, leather, tapestry, culinary use, upholstery, and drapery fabrics. With an ergonomic design, smooth cutting action and super sharp, tension adjustable blades, these are the sharpest scissors available. Sizes range from 8 inch to 12 inch, including a 10 inch true left-handed scissor.

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