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Our online store, www.scissormanusa.com, sells only one brand of rotary cutters and that is the KAI Rotary Cutters which are made in Japan.  We pride ourselves in carrying the best scissors and shears available in the world, and the same is true for our rotary cutters. The KAI Rotary Cutter, we believe, is the safest, most ergonomically designed cutter in the market place.  The blade guard, when unlocked, automatically retracts to expose the blade as it cuts through the fabric.  After the cut is completed and there’s no longer pressure on the blade , the guard automatically returns to the closed position, covering the blade, and protecting the user against accidentally cutting themself.  There are three setting on the cutter, light fabrics, locked and heavy fabrics. The handle is ergonomically designed for comfort, and for either a right or left handed person.  The rotary blades are long lasting and made of very durable, very sharp, tungsten steel and made in Japan. The cutter is available in two different sizes, a 45 mm and 60 mm.  The 45 mm cutter comes with the standard circular blade, and both a pinking blade and wave blade are available for only the 45 mm rotary cutter.  The 60 mm rotary cutter comes with the standard circular blade. 

All purchases from the Scissorman are shipped free of charge in the continental US. Please contact us with any questions at www.scissormanusa.com

Happy Scissoring!

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