Wolff Twice As Sharp Sharpener

After being in the textile business for over thirty years and calling on manufacturers, drapery workrooms, curtain manufacturers, sailmakers, and the upholstery trade.  I started a sharpening business a number of years ago to help pay my road expenses.  Not only did it pay those expenses, but it turned into a very lucrative business that endeared me to my customers. Why, because the majority of them had scissors and shears that were never sharpened properly.  In many cases, the blades had no angle at all and were very uneven.  The majority of these scissors were sharpened on grinding wheels or by a kid at the neighborhood hardware store.  The consequences of poor sharpening are quite simple – hand fatigue and even carpal tunnel syndrome.  Manufacturers specify an angle of anywhere from 5 to 45 degrees depending upon the style of the shear so it will cut through materials with as little resistance as possible.  This increases the life span of your scissors and your HANDS!

A good professional sharpener, if you can find one, charges from $7.00 to $12.00 a pair.  I have accounts with anywhere from 5 to 40 pairs of scissors that need to be sharpened a minimum of twice a year and sometimes more often than that.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to sharpen them on a professional sharpening machine, and always have sharp scissors and shears without waiting, and not having to pay for this service?  Why not purchase the Twice as Sharp Sharpener guaranteed to bring your scissors back to manufacturer’s specifications. 

The Twice As Sharp Sharpener is easy to use, has a scissor clamp with calibrated degrees on it that you easily set with a thumb screw, and a free floating arm that sharpens the  blades evenly every time.  It takes 2 – 3 minutes to sharpen a pair of scissors.  The unit comes with an instructional DVD and a written manual, a true honing wheel not the inexpensive buffing wheel that many companies sell it with, an ergonomic clamp grip (also and extra), it’s all metal, has a 3 year warranty, and is made in the USA. You can purchase this unit for $425.00 with free shipping in the continental US from Scissorman USA at our online store website, www.scissormanusa.com .  Details and a picture of this unit is on our website.

Happy Scissoring!


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