KAI Scissor Sharpening Service – Scissorman USA

Scissorman USA orignally started as scissor sharpening business to the professonal textile trade.  Although we now have an online scissor store, scissor sharpening still is a very important part of our business. We use the most advanced sharpening equipment in the industry, and will duplicated the original factory edges on your scissor and shears.  Why, because the consequences of poor sharpening are quite simple – hand fatigue and even carpal tunnel syndrome.  Manufacturers specify an angle of anywhere from 5 to 45 degrees depending upon the style of the scissor or shear so it will cut through materials with as little resistance as possible.  This increases both the life span of your scissors and your HANDS!  All our sharpening prices are on our online store website, www.scissormanusa.com under the Sharpening Services Tab.

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