KAI 7230 and KAI 7250 Scissors – So What’s the Difference?

If you peruse our online discount scissor store, you will notice that under the classification KAI Professional Scissors the KAI 7230 9″ and KAI 7250 10″.  Both scissors actually have the same length cutting blades and are ergonomically designed.  A scissor or shear is measured from the point to then end of the finger grip. The 7230 is actually shorter only in the finger grip length and the actual cutting surface is the same.  It is designed for women with small hands, and allows them to open the scissor wider and cut through fabrics more efficiently and comfortably.

Remember all our products in our discount online store are shipped free of charge!  Every scissor or shear purchased from us comes with a sharpening certificate good for one free sharpening with no expiration date.

Happy Scissoring!


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